Security and convenient wallet to support all cryptocurrencies . Offering one-stop management for all digital assets.

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Security and convenient

Multi-encrypted private key stored in APP without any access to the server thus no one can touch your digital assets. 5 layer HD, lateral isolated and vertical defensed wallet structure encrypting with PBKDF2, SHA-512 algorithmic encryption technology.

All in one

Supports one-stop management of blockchain assets such as main chain assets: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, DOGE, EOS; fork coins: BCD, BTG, BCH, SBTC, and all ERC20 tokens.

Transaction Acceleration

The world’s first wallet to achieve decentralized transaction acceleration function with non-mineral pool accelerating. Supports BTC, ETH and all ERC20 tokens.

We make these features for over 500,000 people

  • Multi-wallet

    Multi-wallet design to satisfy classification management of digital assets to integrate needs of managing multi-assets.

  • Cross-chained exchange

    Easy access to convert multi-assets by introducing service from ShapShift.

  • Token Red-packet

    Supports all ERC20 tokens’ red-packet to avoid complexity of collecting wallet address.Help user interaction between the Internet and the blockchain.

  • Smart Contract

    Lower the technical difficulty to invoke smart contract.

  • Distributed Ecosystem

    Integrate DAPPs to construct distributed blockchain application platform.

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