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Why choose AToken

One wallet, easy to manage multiple chain assets

Supports more than 20 common chains including BTC, ETH, DOT, FIL, EOS, ATOM, BCH, TRX, LTC, CKB. Supports the ERC20, TRC10&20 full currency and THE ERC721 collection.

Professional guardian, ultimate safety

SHA-512 encryption, 5 layer HD structure, dual system guard more security. Decentralised wallet ensures the privacy of the user's private keys and makes asset allocation more secure.

Experience to upgrade

Quick import of mnemonic words, easy backup, customized filing of charges, flexible adaptation of miner's fee payment, multi-language function of one-click transfer, global localization support

Aggregation Dex Defi FinancingAggregation DexMassive quality DappLightning Internet Payment

AToken selects high-quality DeFi products for aggregation, eliminate the private key exposure link, no need central verification, enjoy high profits.

AToken aggregate Dex, the new UI experience help users explore potential assets and achieve smart convertibility at an optimal cost.

AToken is committed to exploring thousands of DApps to meet users’ personalized needs of blockchain applications.

AToken Lightning Network supports 3-second transfer of BTC, providing AToken users with noble cryptocurrency payment service worldwide.

$25B+Stored in Asset

AToken Ecosystem

User Reviews

AToken is an application which offers many features to its users such as private wallet, crypto swap, Lightning Network wallet, DeFi and Dapp from third party. Besides, AToken also let its user receive daily reward for actively using the app.


3-year Crypto hodler

AToken Wallet is "All Token in one Wallet". User-friendly, keeps us updated with latest trends from Uniswap to DeFi projects with exciting offers and staking features. Only app as of I know which provides 3 fee waiver charges for BTC transactions.


Blockchain new comer

AToken has gathered all the features of a standard decentralized wallet. This is a wonderful app that optimizes user experience by providing unique features such as deposit, withdrawal with low transactions fee and high security.


Crypto Influencer

AToken is Full function wallet for any crypto investor. User will get good information or opportunity from AToken. You could use any Dapp or Defi on AToken smoothly. On AToken you could use swapping service which cheaper than any Defi swapping service.


Crypto Influencer,writer

One thing I like most about AToken is that many DeFi products can be used on AToken. Lighting speed transactions, quick access for exchange to swap our cryptocurrency powered by SWIFT and Changelly.


Blockchain enthusiast

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Crypto Assets, All In AToken

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